Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tiny Dancer and Biro Wolf Eye

This first image is my Tiny Dancer. It is based on a stock image from the internet, with a few small changes and drawn in my own style. I'm hoping to do a collection based on the same idea, both digitally and traditionally. First, however, I am going to need to find a dancer who is up for the task of being my model. Sadly, I don't really know any, so this might take a while. I'll probably just end up getting one of my friends to pop into a flowey dress and jump around a wee bit.

Original sketch and digital rendering;

This next image is just some more biro work. It was going to be a large image of a wolf, but I made a few errors, the worst of which was the fact that I started the drawing at a slant. I still quite like hom this much of it came out. this piece is about 3 inches by 2 inches in size. enjoy;

Christopher Plummer

This here is a drawing of Christopher Plummer for my Representative Illustration class. It is done using nothing but a black biro, without an under-drawing.
Make sure to open it in a new tab (using the right button on your mouse) to see it at a larger scale;