Monday, September 10, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Dart

There comes a point in every illustrators career where they venture into the world of T and A. I guess that time has come for me.
I decided to go a bit further though, and try out a few rendering techniques I had been meaning to try for a while.
 Untitled Girl 1.
  Untitled Girl 2.
  Untitled Girl 3.
  Untitled Girl 4.

 Untitled Girl 5.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My New Style

 Just a short blog this time. It has finally happened. I have found my style. I have also, indadvertedly, created a character in the process. I have yet to name her though, but I am contemplating doing a project surrounding her.
Anyway, with no further adue, I give you;

Smoking Girl

Falling Girl
(open the images in a new tab to see a bigger, leg distorted, version of them)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tiny Dancer and Biro Wolf Eye

This first image is my Tiny Dancer. It is based on a stock image from the internet, with a few small changes and drawn in my own style. I'm hoping to do a collection based on the same idea, both digitally and traditionally. First, however, I am going to need to find a dancer who is up for the task of being my model. Sadly, I don't really know any, so this might take a while. I'll probably just end up getting one of my friends to pop into a flowey dress and jump around a wee bit.

Original sketch and digital rendering;

This next image is just some more biro work. It was going to be a large image of a wolf, but I made a few errors, the worst of which was the fact that I started the drawing at a slant. I still quite like hom this much of it came out. this piece is about 3 inches by 2 inches in size. enjoy;

Christopher Plummer

This here is a drawing of Christopher Plummer for my Representative Illustration class. It is done using nothing but a black biro, without an under-drawing.
Make sure to open it in a new tab (using the right button on your mouse) to see it at a larger scale;

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The first two images here are from one of my classes. The project was Occidental vs. Oriental star-signs. My two were a rebellious horse (Aquarius) and a self-obsessed rooster (Cancer). The images had to be designed to go with a magazine article of the same name. You may recognize the horse from an earlier post;

This next image is my first ever attempt at painting a canvas on location. Its quite simply done I know, but I am pretty proud of it, especially considering I forgot to bring my glasses with me that day. Medium is Acrylic. Location is Dun Laoghaire;

Monday, March 19, 2012

Budget Cuts on Top Gun

No story behind this. the sketch sort of just.......happened.
The regular line-work in the digital rendering didn't come out that well (a few miner mess-ups), but I like how it looks with the basic brush effect (to an extent). Still needs some work, but I'm tired, so this'll do for now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tom's Tinned Octopus

For my class's "28 Illustrators Later" blog.

Original (rough) Sketch and 2 Adobe Illustrator renderings;

Prints for sale.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zombie Me

I just realized that i never actually posted this. It is a zombie self portrait from my class's comunal blog;

Hope you like it. And if anyone would like to purchase any of my work, or would like commission work, please drop me a message.
Thanks y'all.

Teal'c, Horse, Daffodil...

The installment of my Art Blog Begins with some personal work for one of my class's comunal sketchbooks. The sketchbook was entitled Portraits and we had the chance to depict anyone we chose. So I chose Teal'c from Stargate SG1;

Once I had done this, it seemed only right that I digitalized the illustration;

Next is three a horse I had to draw for a class project. He is a rebellious, bucking horse, and I rendered him with three different basic pallets ;

This is a horse for yet another yet another class project. He is depicted as beng old and frail. The idea of this is to portray the horse, a strong, muscular, majestic animal as the oposite of that;

This final piece is a watercolor and pencil painting of Daffodils. The flowers themselves had begun to wilt by the time i got to paint them, so it made for an interesting image (in my opinion anyway). this has been mounted as a split composition (you can see the line down the middle) however i dont have an image of that at present;

I hope this installment of my Art Blog was enjoyable. Tell your friends and feel free to request a print of any of my digital work (might be a slight fee tho. Nothing substantial. I'm not that famous...yet).

Monday, February 13, 2012

Facial Expressions

I got myself a new printer/scanner today, so I took it on a test run.
One of our teachers asked us to do 10 self portraits in which we had to pull faces, to show the the movement in the different facial muscles. I spent 10 minutes on each of these, rendering them using shape to shape. enjoy, and feel free to laugh.


 Licking nose

 What you talkin' 'bout fool

You did what

Look into my unfinished eyes

Attempt on Pacman

Why I never wink at girls

Theres a fishing hook in my lip

Don't even ask

My precious

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fairy Tale Project

A Few weeks back we (my Illustration class and I) were given a brief. The brief was to recreate a scene from a Fairy Tale in a style of our choice. I decided to go with the story of Pinocchio, basing it on the stylings of one of my heroes; Mike Mignola. This meant taking a darker view on the story, which is already quite dark when you read the original. The following are my character designs for Pinocchio, the Lame Fox and the Blind Cat:

All my character designs were rendered using Adobe Illustrator, and Colored using Adobe Photoshop.

I created my own text for this project, based on the point in the story where the fox and the cat betray Pinocchio. My text reads;
Through Darkness, yonder shadowed wood
Lays land, there place thine coin in mud
And through true magic, kind and old
Increase thine fortunes by tenfold.

I'm quite proud of myself for that, considering i came up with it pretty much on the spot, only tweaking a work or two after for rhythmic quality.

Next up is my final composition. I decided to leave the cat out, mainly because i was having trouble illustrating him as blind without being insensitive, but I'll come up with a more artistic reason for my teacher when i hand this project in tomorrow. Something to do with his figure loosing all definition when reduced to that size, rendering the coloring in of him useless and causing it to clash with the rest of the composition, making him the focal point when he shouldn't be. Again, that was all on the spot, so I'm quite happy.

So without further adue (i can spell that word), enjoy and blog to you soon;