Friday, February 11, 2011

friday-february 11-8:17

this is my first entry, but i don't really know how to plunge into it, so im going to throw myself at it.

first off, the t-shirt company my friends and i are in the process of beginning is coming close to opening fully. t-shirt printing is beginning soon, and i have reviews of a few of my designs here, both male and female.

all simple designs. as you can see, they're all stenciled. this is due to the fact that all the t-shirts are going to be hand printed. ugh.
ill post up a link to the companies page when we are actually ready make and sell the t-shirts.

in other news, i had a lengthy debate in a costa cafe yesterday with my good friend Keith about how the bad guys in the forth volume of one-piece think they are cats, therefore ridiculing the whole manga. and as my mate Darren pointed out, Luffy is a rubber
anyway. the conversation inspired me to draw something for him. now, i will say this now. this is not fan art. i don't do fan art. im an actual artist. an art student, who works freelance. lets get that clear now

well, thats all i can blog for. im off to college now to sculpt an ex-body builder named Dez

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