Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teal'c, Horse, Daffodil...

The installment of my Art Blog Begins with some personal work for one of my class's comunal sketchbooks. The sketchbook was entitled Portraits and we had the chance to depict anyone we chose. So I chose Teal'c from Stargate SG1;

Once I had done this, it seemed only right that I digitalized the illustration;

Next is three a horse I had to draw for a class project. He is a rebellious, bucking horse, and I rendered him with three different basic pallets ;

This is a horse for yet another yet another class project. He is depicted as beng old and frail. The idea of this is to portray the horse, a strong, muscular, majestic animal as the oposite of that;

This final piece is a watercolor and pencil painting of Daffodils. The flowers themselves had begun to wilt by the time i got to paint them, so it made for an interesting image (in my opinion anyway). this has been mounted as a split composition (you can see the line down the middle) however i dont have an image of that at present;

I hope this installment of my Art Blog was enjoyable. Tell your friends and feel free to request a print of any of my digital work (might be a slight fee tho. Nothing substantial. I'm not that famous...yet).

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